My Crohnic Life


According to NASA, the moon’s purpose is to make the Earth a more livable planet through the dark hours of night, as the brightest and largest object in the sky.

While she may not be large, Luna’s light shines endlessly and makes my world a much more livable place, especially at my darkest hours.

This sweet little Aussie is my Emotional Support Animal; after joining my life, I quickly learned that Luna battles severe anxiety as well. Over the past year and a half, we’ve been slowly overcoming our angsts together.

When I’m in pain, she protectively and gently brings comfort by lying next to me; when I nap, she positions herself across my legs to keep an eye on me; when I’m crying, she immediately runs to my aid by giving me a literal hug and ferociously licking my face. Luna has become so in-tune with my emotional needs, that the slightest sniffle will send her scrambling across the hardwood to save the day, when all I actually needed was a Benadryl.

Although she is a notorious sock thief, and her hobbies include shredding sticks inside the house, this little monster has known exactly what to do for me, with no formal training, since day one.

Much like the Earth and Moon, my world would wobble off its axis without her.

Do you have a Luna in your life? I would love to here about her or him.

Ashley xx