My Crohnic Life


High School with Chronic Illness

Navigating high school is challenging enough; however, chronic illness can make it nearly impossible. My first diagnosis, of Crohn’s Disease, came at 15 years old. It was the fall of my sophomore year of high school and my biggest concern, at the time, was making varsity soccer. My entire world was flipped upside down. I […]

Navigating Alcohol, College & Chronic Illness

THIS IS NOT MEDICAL ADVICE. THIS IS PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. PLEASE DISCUSS ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION WITH YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE DRINKING. Though I started drinking in high school, the conversation regarding alcohol didn’t come up with my doctors until I was 18 and getting ready to leave for college. Looking back, I so badly wish I had more […]

Grief & Chronic Illness

First came the cramping, but it was “just” normal uterine pain that came with every little girl’s period. Then came the fatigue, but everyone around me seemed to frequently discuss how exhausted they were, so I was tired too. Then came the bathroom urgency; I had to go, and I had to go NOW, but […]