My Crohnic Life


Grief & Chronic Illness

First came the cramping, but it was “just” normal uterine pain that came with every little girl’s period. Then came the fatigue, but everyone around me seemed to frequently discuss how exhausted they were, so I was tired too. Then came the bathroom urgency; I had to go, and I had to go NOW, but […]

“Thin” Isn’t Always a Privilege

“I wish I had Crohn’s so I could be thin.” “You’re so lucky you don’t gain weight!” “I wish I had Crohn’s so I could eat whatever I want.” “You don’t need to workout, you’re already so little.” “I know Crohn’s sucks, but at least you look amazing.” While my loved one’s meant no harm […]

Luna: My Moon and My Stars

According to NASA, the moon’s purpose is to make the Earth a more livable planet through the dark hours of night, as the brightest and largest object in the sky. While she may not be large, Luna’s light shines endlessly and makes my world a much more livable place, especially at my darkest hours. This […]


To the doctor that looked at my 14 year old body that was starving and malnourished and deemed me anorexic, regardless of how much I, or my family, tried to argue otherwise… I have anxiety now. To the male nurse that violated my boundaries at age 15, after surgery, when I was most vulnerable by […]